Description : A new fracturing plugin from the creator of Thrausi and Catastrophe. Allowing completely automatic, collision driven fracturing, Nitroblast is written from the ground up to be faster, bigger, more powerful and better from all angles than the previous fracturing plugins.
Even though it’s numerous, powerful features, it was designed with simple, easy to use interface in mind. Features include:
Autobreak: Completely automatic impact based fracturing: You don’t have to do anything, just run a dynamics simulation or even a custom animation with 2 objects colliding, and the auto-break will do the rest. It will break the objects based on their impact point. It supports:
- Multibreak for multiple colliders on an object,
- Deepbreak (as described below)
- Cracks: Generate parametric Cracks for the part of the object that stays behind
Deep Break: Used for incremental breaking of an object. For example you when want to break an object into pieces, and then these pieces to break again themselves when they collide with another object. You can easily set up the breaking levels as well as which objects will initiate them, with Deep Break.
Voronoi break quality: Low, Medium, High and Extreme. Low is for fastest, Extreme is for the highest quality final result, that fully preserves the original shape of the most complex objects.
Vertex map based fracturing: You can use vertex map to control the density of the fractures, as well as intuitively control with a fall-off of which pieces are static and which are dynamic.
Thickness: You can set the fractured object to be hollow inside, with a controlled parameter.
Bake Normals: Bakes the normals for removing any artifacts from the object’s surface, that were visible after the fracturing.
Bake Object : 1-click bake of any object that has a dynamic tag (including Nitroblast objects) into keyframes and export in a format that can transfer your work to other programs .
Transparency: For transparent objects, you can hide the fractured pieces inside before the impact.
Style presets: Already including preset settings for stone, artifact free glass and lava, you can also easily create your own presets.
Dust: Automatically generated dust. It is Thinking Particles based, so it can be edited or used in conjunction with other Thinking Particles for further control.
Materials: You can apply inside and outside materials. By using a subpolygon displacement material for the inside surfaces, more realistic cuts can easily be created, that are not flat.
Easily set which pieces are static and which are dynamic.
Special Nitroblast objects are used to provide elaborate and intuitive control over the fractured objects. Furthermore, parametric objects (such as nurbs objects) are preserved, so they can be changed and fractured again.
Additional tools:
Nitroblast Splinebreak: Break and extrude any spline into fully parametrical individual segments. Animatable parameters include: Mode (segment size or count), Offset, Depth, Gap and others.
Nitroblast Bomb: Can be used to automatically fracture, and explode an object on an impact point. Bomb can also be used to effortlessly explode already shattered objects.

System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit

Cinema4D : R12 , R13,R14,R15,R16,R17 and Up ! ( Dosen't work in demo version )

Version : Studio

Note: i have see alot forums and e-mails say nitroblast crash in cinema4d in mac mountain lion 10.8 os ,  nitroblast work fine to this version only if you have old nitroblast version crash ! theres is fix version for mac mountain lion 10.8 os .i have fix it , when this os released same day !  , only you need new updates for this and work fine after .

New Mac OS : Like i say up also Mavericks Work Fine !

Avalable Verion : 1.02

What you get : a Login for the video tutorials and extras stuff ,  The plugin

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NitroBlast is no commercial grade software. Instead it’s my spare time killer and I develop NitroBlast for the fun of myself and all users that like it. As I cannot base my living on the earnings from this project I have to put the majority of my work power into a regular job. If NitroBlast was a Shareware you would actually buy something from me, meaning we both would have a contract and would bind us to a license agreement. This would also have implications on what you’d expect from me, based on what you are accustomed with when you buy regular commercial products. So distributing NitroBlast as a Shareware would require me to give you some contractual guarantees, which I can’t. So I am not trying to play the big guy where I am small. For all these reasons, NitroBlast is Donationware or support-me-if-you-like-ware, even with a fixed amount. I think the amount for the token of esteem is really worth it knowing that any update will be free of charge. That’s my point of view regarding fairness. If you find this unfair, please drop me a line.

Donationware : 40 €

Note:please write your 11-digits in the textbox that's appears when you make the donation

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