Magic Book

Description :MagicBook description

MagicBook is a free plugin that allows users to create and animate books with ease.

Choose the path to a folder of images or videos and click Create Pages. MagicBook does the rest! Animate the pages with a variety of cool effects.

Changing pages is easy, just re-order the materials from left to right.

You can add plenty of character to your page turns by animating various parameters including Flip, Bend and Twist.

System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit

Cinema4D : R12 , R13 , R14 , R15

Version : Prime , Broadcast , Visualize , Studio

Avalable Verion : 1.0

How Install : Unzip the File and put the new folder in maxon/cinema4d/plugins

Download R13 - R12 - R14 - R15

if you need more advanced stuff see theĀ  NitroBookCase

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