Magic Solo

Description :MagicSolo description

With this plugin you can make one or multi object to solo also it's solo automatic the material to focus easy like you open your objects to a new scene ,it's disable all the simulation  also speed up you cinema4d if you have complex simulation or alot polygon mesh and you want to focus only to one finaly you can render only the solo object like this you can focus in object you like most . this plugin is very helpfull if you work to very big scenes  .


If you hold shift in your keyboard -> is ignore all the childrens

version 1.2:

if you hold alt in selection polygon then the select polygon solo


System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit

Cinema4D : R12,R13,R14,R15,R16

Version : Prime , Broadcast , Visualize , Studio

Avalable Verion : 1.2

How Install : Unzip the File and put the new folder in maxon/cinema4d/plugins

FIX 1.1 : Fix the problem of  long memory  .

FIX 1.2 : Fix the problem with unfold objects  .

FIX 1.2 B: Fix the problem when you have layer tag , it's no remove , it's keep like must

Download R12,R13,R14,R15,R16


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