NitroMoFracture And NitroBake


Plugin List

Plugin Version Type
NitroMoFracture R18+ Broadcast,Studio
NitroBake2 R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio

R18.57 : NitroMoFracture Fix All The Problems

Does not work in Demo & Lite version

When you select License = Multi
mean you want server and need write your 11-digits for your server you used and select the count machine used this server
License Info for cinema4d R21
Right now support only one license count in case you want more than one plese send email to
Where is my Profile-ID ?
You find your profile-ID to the maxon account page to tab my license and at the bottom copy and paste in Profile-ID box up
Where is my 11-digits ?
You find your 11-digist in menu cinema4d help->personalized click your number with mouse right or left and copy paste in box up
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