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New (Fix Problem With Material) ResetOnGround R12-R13-R14-R15″]

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see this video to Install In Mac click here

If you can’t break a simple cube see this video to solve this problem click here



see this video to Install In Win click here


NitroBlast Updates 1.02 Tutorials B

( New ! 10-12-2011 )

NitroBlast Updates 1.01 Tutorials

How Make Updates win 1.00 to 1.01 and up
( New ! 8-6-2011 )
What is The New 1.01
( New ! 8-6-2011 )
Transformation 1.01
( New ! 86-2011 )

Basic Tutorial

Installation win Setup The Viewport
NitroBlast Menu Main Pieces
Menu Main Pieces Option Menu Vertex Map
Object Piece Object Dusk
Object Transparent And Displacement Object Bake
Menu Presets Menu Deepth Break
AutoBreak Simple MultiBreak
AutoBreak Depth AutoBreak Cracks
AutoBreak Vertex And Thickness Cuts
Bomb SplineBreak

Extra Tutorials

SplineBreak Flip Image ( 7-4-2011 ) AutoMultiBreak HummerHit( 7-5-2011 )
AutoBreak High Model Tip
( 7-9-2011 )
Camera Mapper Stick Texture
( 7-12-2011 )include plugin inside
Used NitroBlast Cuts to break like Cube
( 1-18-2012 )

Tutorial from The Pixel Lab