The new way to modeling make great modeling with great topology just with draw spline and some generate object less paint with modeling create quick high quality model  in min ! this tool amazing you can use the template and you can make very easy change you can also use for sculpting to make basic […]


when you download textures you have a lot channels to deal like ,diffuse,normal etc, with this plugin you can create easy material with just one click and setup your own preset , there is already preset for cinema4d,octane,Arnold,corona,V-Ray for the RedShift you need first make material in cinema4d and then use covert to redshift. this […]


with this great power plugin you can record your modeling step and you can create easy your own preset tool very easy to use anytime you want save hours of work you can easy export and import data the list tool support right now for the plugin it’s Inset,Extrude,Bevel,Matrix Extrude,Smooth Shift,Normal Move,Normal Scale,Normal Rotate,Iron,Edge Cut,Edge […]