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    Plugin Version Type
    NitroMoFracture R18+ Broadcast,Studio
    NitroVertex R12-R21 Broadcast,Studio
    EasyCloth R12-R19 Studio
    Catastrophe R12-R18 Studio
    NitroFallOff R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroRoom R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroFit R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    ElectricFX R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    Thrausi R12-R19 Broadcast,Studio
    NitroBlast 2.0 R13+ Studio
    NitroModel R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroBake R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroPose R12-R21 Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    SparksFX R12+ Studio
    NitroBookCase R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroMotion R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    AniMidi R12+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroSolo R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroCap R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroCycle R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroEdgeDeformerTool R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroDraw R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroVeins R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroRelax R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroBoxTool R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroCircular R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroQuickRender R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroCache R15+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroEasyAnim R23+ Only For R23 and Up
    NitroPlaToBones R20+ Prime,Visualize,Broadcast,Studio
    NitroCloth R15+ Studio
    NitroSplineDynamic R15+ Studio
    NitroSnapWrap R21+ Only for r21 and up
    NitroFlexScale R21+ Only for r21 and up
    NitroBolt R21+ Only for r21 and up
    NitroExtrude R21+ Only for r21 and up
    NitroModelHistory R21+ Only for r21 and up
    NitroMaterialMaker R21+ Only for r21 and up


    Does not work in Demo & Lite version


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    when you click "ADD TO CART" button ,if you can't see the product click the cart icon to make reflesh
    where i can find my maxon license count ?
    Please login to your maxon account click here
    1) go to tab License
    2) go to tab Available Licenses
    3) sfind your Cinema 4D - Commercial see the license count
    where i can find my Profile-ID Or System-ID ?
    Please download this small plugin and open click Copy SystemID Or Copy ProfileID paste up click here

    Or if you dont want to download this plugin you can go In menu cinema4D

    Extensions > Tools > Export Licensing Overview..
    you can see your ProfileID( userID )
    the format look like
    your profileID its the Yellow text color
    you can see your SystemID
    the format look like
    your SytemID its the Yellow text color
    where i can find my 11-Digits ?
    You find your 11-digist in menu cinema4d help->personalized click your number with mouse right or left and copy paste in box up