Hi, After hard work, with my friend Dr. Alexandros Paraforos, a talented heart surgeon, we merged the best of medicine and AR/VR into one App.The 3D model of the heart shown is currently the best and accurate simulation of the heart .

information :

Explore a virtual anatomical heart in the ‘The Real Heart’ app, the first edition in the Virtual and Augmented Heart App series. In The Real Heart app, you can take a journey through the heart and learn about each of the heart’s anatomical structures. Simply select each structure to reveal its name in audio-visual form. Then, once you activate the area, you can learn more about the structure’s functionality and how it supports the heart. The user-friendly design also allows you to zoom in and out on any aspect of the heart and discover all of its wondrous details. Indeed, the ‘Real Heart’ app is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for understanding the heart’s immense structure and functionality for medical staff, students, paramedical staff and patients alike. Also, stay tuned for the release of the next edition in the Virtual/Augmented Heart series which will present pathological conditions and treatment options to help you further understand the heart’s intricate complexities.

Augmented Reality 3D Navigator

To Rotate move one finger left-right or up-down

To Zoom In / Out pitch your finger and move in or out

To Focus double-tap with your finger

Read Information about the parts for the heart

Explore inside the heart